Chief Marketing Officer. Creative director. Writer.

At heart I’m a simple guy who adores his wife, loves his kids, tolerates the dogs and pays the bills by solving business problems in the most interesting and creative way possible.

I’m a pretty lucky guy, to be honest.

When I joined Firehouse several years ago, I was tasked with transitioning the agency from a promotions/below the line company to a creatively driven boutique. In just three years we went from being a relative unknown in the Dallas market to Ad Age's Southwest Small Agency of the Year and one of the hottest creative shops in the region. The work has gone from never getting noticed to appearing regularly in national ad competitions. In fact, Firehouse has arguably been the most awarded shop in Dallas the past three years in a row. We’ve also helped our clients absolutely kill it. Our three largest pieces of business each had double digit growth the past two years that exceeded even their own projections. In fact, Interstate Batteries has set sales records every year they’ve been my client and Service King grew from 80 locations to nearly 250 in just two years.

I love that.

We’ve also made some really cool and important strides culturally during this time as well. We stopped charging on a time/cost basis and moved to getting paid on the value we bring to our clients. Time sheets were done away with. Our vacation policy was simplified: if you need the time, take the time. No more nickel and dime-ing your time off. These things and more were why we’ve been named a Best Place to Work nearly every year I've been here. Combined these with the work we do and its easy to see why people both in and out of this market are trying to figure out how to work here.

Add it all up and you’ll understand why we’ve more than tripled in size during my time here.


Before Firehouse, I was fortunate enough to work on major clients at some great agencies during great times in their histories: The Martin Agency (Mercedes Benz, Wrangler, Bank One), Hal Riney & Partners (early Saturn, Clinique), Fallon (helped open their NY office, Holiday Inn, United, McDonald's), GSD&M (Pennzoil, Macaroni Grill, AT&T, Southwest Air).

As an entrepreneur I spent 18 months playing an integral part in Leo Burnett (Chicago) winning eight new pieces of business and tens of millions in revenue. My role was to help organize and strategize each pitch and ultimately author those presentations. I did not play a role creatively and thus consider this my "cross-training" for the future. This experience was critical to developing my perspectives on strategy, the business of advertising and right way to begin relationships with clients.

As a freelancer, I worked with Fallon, BBDO Altanta, Publicis Seattle and others on clients like Citibank, AT&T, Chrysler, T-Mobile and Diagio.

My work has been featured in virtually every major award show including twice gold at Cannes, the Clios, NY Festivals and EFFIE's as well as numerous appearances in the One Show, D&AD and CA.